Tormach Lathe Tooling Just Got a Little Easier


As Matt Doepers, Tormach’s engineering and technical manager, says, “Lathe tooling is like a big bowl of pudding. You can stick your hands in and pull a lot out, without ever fully grasping anything.” You can stumble on something that will work, but finding robust solutions can be a lifelong craft and educational endeavor. We’ve recently added two new items to our selection of Quick Change Toolholders for the 15L Slant-PRO lathe in an effort to make tool holding just a bit easier. The new 5C Toolholder for QC Post (PN 35205) allows a 5C collet to hold a cutting tool (boring bar, drill, etc.) on a quick-change tool post. All of the 5C collets that Tormach sells will fit in this holder, which makes it particularly useful with odd-sized drill bits. The #1X Toolholder for QC Post (PN 35269) is most useful to customers wishing to use both a turret and a quick-change post at the same time. The turret holds eight tools, so this holder gives users a simpler solution when adding a ninth tool to their setup. Lathe-Toolong-Straight-IMG_0684

When eight tools on a turret aren’t enough, and the Quick Change tool post is to be used for that all-important ninth tool, there can be a higher risk of crashing the turret tools into the work piece while the ninth tool is cutting. With the extended reach of the #1X, the ninth tool holder is more aligned with those mounted in the turret, thus decreasing the odds of a crash.


#1X Toolholder for QC Post (PN 35269)