Tormach Lathe Tooling Just Got a Little Easier

As Matt Doepers, Tormach’s engineering and technical manager, says, “Lathe tooling is like a big bowl of pudding. You can stick your hands in and pull a lot out, without ever fully grasping anything.” You can stumble on something that will work, but finding robust solutions can be a lifelong craft and educational endeavor.


Icosahedron Machining? Ask a Geometrician

20-Sided Machining What's an Icosahedron? Tormach PCNC 770 Owner Chris Moller recently programmed a 20-sided part to cut on his 4th Axis with SprutCAM.


4th Axis and 5C Collets

If you've been around a lathe, you're probably familiar with 5C collets. What sometimes gets overlooked is that they are a really useful way to hold small diameter bar stock to a 4th axis turntable because they are self-centering and more accurate than a 3 Jaw chuck. We've offered a lathe-style 5C collet holder for a while that works really well - our only real gripes with it were that its a bit spendy for occassional use, and it only fit on the 8" table. We recently developed our own design to address both those issues: the 5C Collet fixture.

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