Tormach’s Star-Studded Tour of L.A.

Los Angeles is full of stars, but what’s more, are the number of innovative and uncommon customers that Tormach has in the area. We spent last week touring around the L.A. metropolitan area talking to some of those customers and learning just how they use their Tormach machinery.

Ilan DeiI

lan Dei operates a studio in Venice, CA – in California, shops are more like hybridized art studios. His company works to create branding through experience by designing and creating everything from custom furniture and art displays to vending machines and trade show booths.

Billy Griggs Razor Scooter

Razor is a company that blew up in the mainstream when they created the Razor Scooter back in the late 90’s. Now, the company creates an array of human- and battery-powered vehicles, including hoverboards, carts, and scooters. We talked to former pro BMXer Billy Griggs about the product development he does for Razor on their PCNC 1100.

ray billings BattleBots Tombstone BattleBots Tombstone Ray Billings is one of Tormach’s brand ambassadors and the champion of this year’s BattleBots competition on ABC. While he lives up near Sacramento, we still had to make the trip to visit him while traveling out west. two-bit-circus-2 two-bit-circus Two Bit Circus is famous for inventing physical amusement and high-tech experiences that incorporate an array of design, engineering, creative problem solving, and software. Their shop is housed in an old brewery, and they have been on the razors edge of innovation, creating new uses and concepts for VR technology. Grant Imahara with his Tormach PCNC 770 A former Mythbuster and current host on Netflix’s White Rabbit Project, Grant Imahara picked up a PCNC 770 and is using it in his L.A. shop. We don't know what he is going to be making just yet, but stay tuned for a full customer story. Subscribe to the blog  to catch the full customer stories when they’re available!