Razor USA Develops Extreme Fun with a PCNC 1100

Razor USA, the company best known for introducing the world to the Razor Scooter back in 2000, uses a Tormach PCNC 1100 for prototyping and product development. Billy Griggs, a retired BMX racer and product developer at Razor, says “Since [the success of the scooters], it’s been a long journey into electrics, electric ride-ons, and fantasy-type toys. We’ve really grown as a company well beyond the scooters.”


Tormach’s Star-Studded Tour of L.A.

Los Angeles is full of stars, but what’s more, are the number of innovative and uncommon customers that Tormach has in the area. We spent last week touring around the L.A. metropolitan area talking to some of those customers and learning just how they use their Tormach machinery.

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