Don’t Gamble With Your Tools: Use Rust Protection

It’s a real heartbreaker to pull out a tool you haven’t looked at in a while and discover it has rust. Nasty stuff. I live within sight of the ocean, so my shop is particularly susceptible. That’s made me a believer in rust protection. Once rust sets in, we can clean it, but better if you never give it a toehold.


Reducing Lead Time in Event Production with Tormach

When you go to a concert or attend a major event, the fanfare and spectacle of the event are what captures your attention, but there is an array of event production going on in the background to make everything happen.

Steven Anschutz at Entertainment Fabrication uses his PCNC 1100 to excel in the niche industry of event and staging production by creating various specialized parts to make industry-standard components work with each other, as well as not-so-standard components.


Razor USA Develops Extreme Fun with a PCNC 1100

Razor USA, the company best known for introducing the world to the Razor Scooter back in 2000, uses a Tormach PCNC 1100 for prototyping and product development. Billy Griggs, a retired BMX racer and product developer at Razor, says “Since [the success of the scooters], it’s been a long journey into electrics, electric ride-ons, and fantasy-type toys. We’ve really grown as a company well beyond the scooters.”


A Busy Weekend at Tormach

Last Saturday, we hosted our second annual open house, and it was a smashing success. Over 200 guests stopped by to see an array of seminars, meet John Grimsmo and John Saunders, and buy a few goodies in our credit-and-carry sale.


Greg Jackson, 1952-2015



In the few days since Greg’s sudden and tragic passing last week, we’ve been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support and sympathy. Expectedly,


Tormach Gives a Skyward Camera Company the Competitive Edge

Time-to-market is a term that every engineer knows all too well, and every budding entrepreneur will soon know if they are just entering the marketplace.

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