All the Cool Kids Are Using CNC ...

Here at Tormach, we work to regularly feature what users are making with our customer stories – like the recent one about Lisa Winter from BattleBots. I’ve also written blogs in the past about some of the amazing work that Tormach users are doing with their personal CNC machinery, but the community of Tormach owners is growing faster than ever… and so have the incredible projects! What are you making with your Tormach machines? Email and let us know! Here are some interesting projects we stumbled on recently…


Hanging out with @s2jesse and talking #tormach, #starwars, and #astrophotography

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Tormach users have been making everything from movie props to titanium knives.

Even musical instruments.


And of course, there are Tormach users making all sorts of robots. 13339537_10209863600567106_76634804599299215_n


  And everything in between!   [youtube]7FUOEv6HB00[/youtube]  

Handful of parts. #adaptiveforfree #fusion360 #machining #maker #design #aluminum #hand #grip #cnc #tormach

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Well the aluminum grip was just a test, but I like it. Might have to change the plan/material. #tormach

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