The PCNC 440 ATC Is Now Available

The beta testing is over and the automatic tool changer for the PCNC 440 is now for sale!  Now you can take your small mill to the next level with some extra automation. After a fairly extensive beta program, we were able to work out any kinks and make the ATC the best it could be. One of our beta testers, Jason Hughes, is the owner at Sandhill CNC and an energetic Tormach user. He was one of the first to start posting videos and photos of his Beta ATC in action. “I was surprised at how well the ATC performed at the beta level,” Hughes explains. “I really enjoyed being a beta tester. I was happy to share my thoughts with the Tormach Engineers and with people on social media. I would definitely recommend applying to be a beta tester to friends.” Now, Hughes is utilizing his ATC on a daily basis, whether it’s for one-off parts or small production runs. “It really shines when you have multiple tool changes on a setup that only run for a few seconds. With no ATC, you have to spend the entire time in front of the machine. With the ATC, I can work on other parts or projects on the bench while the ATC does the work for me.”

Now, everybody can get their hands on an ATC for their PCNC 440, thanks to a rigorous beta program and insightful beta testers like Hughes. “I like being able to express my opinion on any changes that need done or how well something is working,” Hughes says. “I jumped on the opportunity to beta test PathPilot 2.0, as well.” We welcome those who are interested in joining our Beta Testing Program! We are preparing two beta tests right now, one for PathPilot 2.0 and one for our new AF50 bandsaw.