The PCNC 440 ATC Is Now Available

The beta testing is over and the automatic tool changer for the PCNC 440 is now for sale!  Now you can take your small mill to the next level with some extra automation.


The PCNC 440 Tool Changer Has Arrived

We've got a lot of exciting things happening at the #Tormach2016 Open House, happening tomorrow - there's still time to RSVP - but we're really excited to show off some of our latest accessories! We just installed the first PCNC 440 power drawbar and automatic tool changer, and they'll be up and running during the open house.


Behind-the-Scenes with an Accessory Prototype

Preorders for the PCNC 440 have been booming, and now, we’re closer to having more accessories for Tormach’s newest machine tool. Here are some photos of a pre-production PCNC 440 automatic tool changer (ATC). We’re excited to see the development of this accessory as we progress toward making it available to 440 owners.

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