Tormach Fab Lab: How to use a Companion Horizontal Spindle

  You can set up a companion spindle with our Horizontal Spindle Arm Mount for milling in the XZ (G18) or YZ (G19) plane.  This can be a great technique for doing light milling on the end of a very long workpiece.  In this episode of Tormach Fab Lab, Mike C. demonstrates how to get this setup right.


Fab Lab Skill Builder: Working with Strap Clamps

  Using a set of Strap Clamps is a no-brainer, right?  Just put them in the T-slots and screw 'em down, simple as that.  Perhaps - but you'll find that crafty machinists always seem to be able to find a new riff for using an old standard.  I bet there's a few tricks in the video below that you might not have thought about.

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