Fab Lab Skill Builder: 4-Jaw Chucks

A popular tech line request is  for more information about setting up a 4th axis.  Earlier, we showed how to true a 4th axis to the mill motion using shims and how to set up a 3 Jaw chuck.   In this new video, Mike  C. demonstrates  how to set up a 4-Jaw chuck on a 4th axis.  He also shows basic tail stock setup.


Fab Lab Skill Builder: How to Use a Coaxial Indicator

There are lots of ways to find the center of a hole.  In a previous Fab Lab Video, we showed how to do this with an essential shop tool, the dial test indicator.


Tormach Fab Lab: Toolmaker Vises

If you haven't seen toolmaker vises before, then it might not be immediately clear why you might need one.  It turns out, however, that they are a very handy device to have in your work holding arsenal.  Small tool maker vises are designed to be held inside a larger machinist's vise. 


Tormach Fab Lab: How to Set up a 4th Axis

Just got a 4th axis and not sure how to start?  First things first - make sure you know how to properly set it up and align it to your PCNC mill.  Check out our latest Fab Lab Skill builder video to learn how to do it right.


Fab Lab Skill Builder: How to use a Fixture Plate on a Milling Machine

Getting started with Fixture Plates

In our latest Fab Lab video, Mike C. demonstrates some basic techniques for setting up and using fixture plates on a PCNC mill. 


Fab Lab Skill Builder: Tension/Compression Tapping

We've had a few questions on how to use the ER-series Tension/Compression Tapping Heads.

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