Pioneer Maker Adds PCNC 440 to His Arsenal of Tools

Mike Dubno has been a maker since before making was a thing. “I’ve been involved in the maker movement before there was one, but in a different way than a machinist or something like that,” he explains.


Ring Light Comparison - Tormach Pro- Ring Light vs. Generic Ring Light

I noticed there were a few questions about this over on CNCZone, so I thought I'd post this photo to show the difference that the Nichia SuperBright LEDs make in our Tormach Special Pro Ring Light. 


LED Spindle Collar (the non-DIY version)

Let there be light! Thanks for this tip from reader Bill B. in Canada - he found the following spindle light clamp from Princess Auto and says it works great on his PCNC 1100 Spindle:

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