Tormach Tech Days Is More than Just an Open House

Year over year, Tormach has hosted an annual open house event where we've invited you (all our customers and potential customers) to come see our facilities and our machines in person. But, we've grown over the years here at Tormach, and now, the Tormach Open House has evolved into a two-day event called Tormach Tech Days. This two-day event gives us more freedom to not only teach our customers, but connect with them as well. For those who want some hands-on learning, Friday August 4th has mill, lathe, and CAM workshops, but, space is limited so sign up now! Saturday, August 5th, is for those who want to talk shop and meet other CNC enthusiasts. Saturday is free to all, and will feature some live demos, conversations with Tormach experts, and talks by some of our Tormach Brand Ambassadors.

  • Ray Billings, the 2016 BattleBots Champion, is bringing his infamous robot, Tombstone, and will be talking about how his PCNC 1100 helps him get his robots battle-ready.
  • Robert Cowan will be giving a talk, as he is always interested in finding new ways to use his tools, including his PCNC 440.
  • John Saunders will be discussing how to market your manufacturing business, and talking some CNC business.
  • The Hacksmith will be bringing some of their comic-book-inspired goodies and showing off some of the crazy stuff they've created with their PCNC 440.

Live demos will include all of our machines, as well as some product announcements. Tormach experts will be on-hand to answer your questions and show you what personal CNC can really do. Also, the Tormach experts will be giving talks on:

  • Cutting Tool Selection
  • Work and Tool Offsets
  • Workholding Tips and Tricks
  • Machine Maintenance
  • Surface Finish
  • Lathe Conversational

Lastly, Tormach Tech Days will feature a one-day-only (Saturday) cash-and-carry sale. It's actually not just cash, we'll accept cards as well, but it's an opportunity to get some sweet accessories and tools for your Tormach machines at discounted prices. As always, we encourage everybody to bring the parts that they've created to show off their machining abilities or ask questions. Let us know you're coming, and RSVP at!