PathPilot Is Capable of More than You Might Think

PathPilot has helped a lot of Tormach users use their machines more efficiently and learn new ways of machining easily. For instance, PathPilot's conversational programming has been a game-changer for many makerspaces, educators, and even everyday machinists. Making simple operations available right at the controller without the need for CAD and CAM lowers the barrier of entry to machining. While we've seen a lot of good come from the ease-of-use that PathPilot offers, like any controller there are still a lot of subtle nuances that users don't realize are there - newbies and veterans alike. That's why we launched the PathPilot Quick Tips series, to help anybody using our control system get the most out of the controller and their Tormach machine tool(s).  The Quick Tips series features Daniel Rogge, one of the brains behind PathPilot, as he dives into all the details and subtle (sometimes hidden) features of the control system. One of the most popular Quick Tips has been the piece about what to do when you accidentally job into your limit switch. Rogge goes through the process on the 15L Slant-PRO Lathe, but this process is applicable to the Tormach mills as well. 

PathPilot Quick Tips will give you all kinds of insightful info in less than 90 seconds, and they go live on Facebook every Monday. Then, they run a week later on YouTube, so be sure to subscribe to both and get the most out of your time at the machine.