An Automatic Bandsaw for Shop Efficiency Means Making More Money

People that know Tormach know us as a CNC machine tool company. Our 1100 mill has been the flagship machine for our company for more than a decade, but we have recently made our way into the world of fabrication with our AF50 Autofeed Bandsaw.


Why an Automated Bandsaw Will Save You Money

When operating a machining or fabrication shop, every dollar counts. Most shops have a bandsaw in their equipment lineup to alleviate the cost of getting custom-cut lengths from a metal supplier. While having a bandsaw is useful, it can still be a drag on your checkbook because of the manual labor required.


That’s a Wrap for Tormach Tech Days 2017

After two days of classes, seminars, CNC convos, and making some serious chips, Tormach Tech Days has wrapped up!

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