Cutting Threads with Your Mill

 Cutting threads is an important element of machining. Even if you aren’t into making your own, custom-sized threads, it still helps to know how to create them. We’ve seen customers get pretty creative with their machines and cutting methods, but with a Tormach mill, there are three main ways to cut threads.


Tormach’s Face Knurling Concept in Action

BadgerWorks, our prototyping shop, has been buzzing with activity. Earlier this week we showed off a tool that one of our machinists had been working on – a face knurling tool.


Face Knurling with a Tormach PCNC Mill

Students have a lot of questions that come up during our monthly CNC Workshop. Recently, a student asked Jason Pulvermacher, a machinist here at Tormach, how to mill a flat knurling pattern, like those found on the pocketknife grips.

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