If You Love PathPilot, We Want Your Help

Tormach first launched PathPilot a little more than two years ago. We developed the control system in-house so we could adapt and improve the software quickly, and provide better customer support.


Introducing PathPilot™, Tormach's New Machine Controller

Today, we are announcing the pre-release of PathPilot™, our next generation machine controller for the entire Tormach CNC product line. PathPilot is an entirely new control architecture developed specifically for our products by the Tormach engineering group. It is compatible with all previous hardware generations of PCNC mills. It will provide a significant step advancement over our previous Windows-based Mach3 controller in performance, ease-of-use, and reliability. In the very near future we will begin shipping PathPilot as the standard control option for the PCNC 1100 mill, PCNC 770 mill, and 15L Slant-PRO lathe. For existing PCNC 1100 or PCNC 770 owners that are eager to try out PathPilot for themselves, we are launching a public beta test of the software, beginning this week.


Groovin' for the ATC

We're  ready to begin the long awaited beta test for our ATC. If you're interested, we have a very (with a capital "V", that is!) limited number of beta units available.

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