How to Make Money with Your Tormach: The Checklist

Anybody going into business for themselves has to weigh a lot of variables as they make decisions. Everything from business location to capital needed for launch to branding and logo creation.


Kickstarting with a Tormach CNC Mill

Here at Tormach, we are big fans of start-ups and entrepreneurs, but for many would-be businesses, the leap from an idea to making money can be daunting. That’s where crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter come in. Crowdfunding isn’t just a buzzword around start-ups and Maker communities.


More than Your Basic Mill

Here at Tormach, we consider our machines to be prosumer – meaning, they marry the concerns of cost and quality. Because of this, our products are found at a unique intersection between hobbyists (those that use the machines for fun or at-home projects) and professionals (those who make a business out of machine ownership).

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