Augmenting Craftsmanship at Nagahara Flutes

Featured on the Tormach blog and in a previous Customer Showcase, we recently checked back in with Nagahara Flutes to see what they've been up to with their PCNC 1100. Improving the quality of the professional-grade flutes and the overall manufacturing process, Operations Manager David Scarbro explained in detail how CNC is augmenting the flute making trade.


Notes from the Editor's Desk

That's Gold and Silver! David from Nagahara Flutes sent us this picture. Probably the most expensive pile of swarf that I've ever seen.


Nagahara Flutes: Customer Showcase of the Month

David Scarbro of Nagahara Flutes,, recently shared with us some details of a very cool setup with a PCNC 1100 at their Massachusetts workshop. Nagahara Flutes makes custom, one-of-kind flutes for professional and amateur players worldwide, including Sir James Galway, Alberto Almarza, and Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull.

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