Why You Should Spend More Time Thinking About Toolpaths


Toolpaths are the heart of computer aided manufacturing (CAM), and by association, incredibly important to CNC machining. But, toolpaths are more than just the pattern tools make to cut your parts.


CNC Machined Rotisserie Attachment Improves the BBQ Grilling Experience

Before joining Tormach as a Machinist and CNC Workshop Instructor, Eric Andersen was injured on the job as a structural Iron Worker.


PCNC in the Performance Racing Industry: Weekend Racer Turned Fabricator

Mechanical engineer by day, PCNC 1100 owner Vesa Silegren revs things up a bit on the weekends. Performance racing enthusiast and self-taught machinist, when Silegren isn’t out on the course in his Honda CRX, he’s back home in his Chattanooga, Tennessee based shop SV Technologies, LLC.


Notes from the Editor's Desk

That's Gold and Silver! David from Nagahara Flutes sent us this picture. Probably the most expensive pile of swarf that I've ever seen.


Snow day? Not for SprutCAM Tutorials

Like much of the midwest, we've got snow up to our ears here in Wisconsin. If your snowbound like me, its a perfect day for boning up on SprutCAM. Here's a brand new tutorial on how to do multi-sided machining in a single program with multiple work offsets.


Quick Post: New Modular Jaws, and New SprutCAM7 Tutorials

Quick notes for today:

New to the website is a whole set of modular vise jaw plates for either of our 5" vises. Especially cool are the Pin Jaw and Multi-V Block Jaw Plates.

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