Tips for Machine Shop Safety

Let’s talk shop safety! 

We live in a world where safety can be over-emphasized in some situations and under-emphasized in others.  Let’s talk about real-world shop safety to keep eyes, ears, and fingers in tact!


John Saunders' 10 Things to Do for 2019

The new year is quickly approaching, and even in the machine shop we're well aware of how close we are to 2019. So, here are ten things you can improve for 2019. Don't think of it as a list of New Year's resolutions, but rather, a list of things that will make shop life better in the coming year! 


Acrobatic Performances Are Even Better with CNC


When most of us hear the word acrobat, we think of high-flying trapeze or people doing crazy stunts in precarious locations. Believe it or not, there’s an industry for creating the stuff that those crazy performers use everyday.


Machine Shop Organization Tips

If you can't find it, you don't really own it.  When organization isn't a shop priority, it costs time -- and time = money. Organizing your shop is an investment, which means it's not always cheap. Here are six tips we've implemented that can help!


Don’t Gamble With Your Tools: Use Rust Protection

It’s a real heartbreaker to pull out a tool you haven’t looked at in a while and discover it has rust. Nasty stuff. I live within sight of the ocean, so my shop is particularly susceptible. That’s made me a believer in rust protection. Once rust sets in, we can clean it, but better if you never give it a toehold.


Robot Builder and Former MythBuster Takes to CNC

His credentials include MythBusters, BattleBots, and working as a Disney Imagineer -- it goes without saying that Grant Imahara knows what he's doing when it comes to making stuff.

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