How to Crash Your CNC Mill (Responsibly)

Mistakes Happen: Turning Student Crashes into Teachable Moments with Your CNC Mill


College freshman are immersed in new experiences at the start of the fall semester – their first time away from home, shopping on a budget, and, many times, their first time coming face to face with a CNC machine. We’ve all seen them.


Making in the Big City

Here at Tormach, we always welcome customers (and potential customers) to come visit our facilities near Madison, WI, but sometimes it’s easier for us to make an appearance at various events. This past weekend, Tormach employees were all over the map.


Learn to Turn in New Tormach Lathe Workshop

Special Discount - Save $600 on First Class, Scheduled Nov. 8-10 Tormach has always prided itself on providing approachable and affordable machines to anyone who has the desire to make things, or operate a small shop.


Making Meets Education: Teachers Using Tormachs


With their size and approachable design, Tormach machines have found their way into a number of classrooms at high schools and colleges around the nation. While the uses for a CNC mill or lathe in the classroom may seem obvious – teaching kids to machine parts – you may be surprised at how many teachers are doing much more than just teaching machining.


Restoring a Piece of Frank Lloyd Wright's Wisconsin Home with the Tormach PCNC 770

When the University of Wisconsin-Platteville sought to add equipment into their school's Industrial Studies program they chose the Tormach PCNC 770. After purchasing four machines, instructors and students quickly incorporated the mills into the curriculum. Tormach staff recently visited the campus to see firsthand how the mills are being used and to learn more about an exciting project students undertook for one of Wisconsin's most historic homes.


Recap: CNC Knifemaking Workshop

About a year ago, we started toying with the idea of creating a specialty CNC workshop at the Tormach Training Center here at the company headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin. The workshop would fit into a niche-interest like knifemaking, RC car modding, or model railroading.

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