Exciting Things at Tormach Headquarters

This coming weekend is Tormach’s 3rd annual Open House event (July 23), and we’ve got quite a show planned! Year-over-year, we’ve had different seminars and talks from our Brand Ambassadors, and this year is no different. Wes Bye, who writes for Digital Machinist and is a PCNC 440 owner, will be talking about model engineering. John Saunders will be doing two talks, one – co-presented with a team from Fusion 360 – will cover lathe CAM and turning, and the other is about bootstrapping startups.


Fog Buster Upgrade

Chip removal is essential for proper cutting. When chips aren’t cleared properly they can weld onto the tool, cause discrepancies in the cutting precision, and even cause premature wear on your mill.


Tormach Approved: Coolant Sight Gauge Kit

How much coolant is left in the tank? 

We admit, that's not always the easiest question to answer with respect to our mills.  If you are in the habit of running long programs and don't want to babysit the machine, it can also be an important question. 


Eliminate the Haze with the Fog Buster

Tormach has partnered with FogBuster to bring the best mist (actually, zero mist!) coolant system to the Tormach Site. If you've used other misting systems before, you surely understand how quickly they can fog up the entire shop without a serious ventilation system.  For a small garage or basement shop, they're nearly impractical.


Face Milling on the PCNC 1100

Perhaps one of the few topics that isn't done justice on the internet (in my slightly biased opinion, at least) is metal cutting - especially from a novice perspective. A few months ago, I was surprised to realize that some of our most popular Youtube videos have been aimed towards beginners.

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