RapidTurn: Origins

As the oft repeated adage goes, the design process is more often than not an evolutionary process rather than a revolutionary one. Nowhere is this more true than the case of our newest product, the RapidTurn.


Say Hello to the Tormach Brand Ambassadors

The number of customers that have Tormach machines has grown quite a bit over the years, and with customers, the community has expanded as well. Today, we’ve announced the list of our official Tormach Brand Ambassadors. Makers, machinists, entrepreneurs, roboticists, and so much more, these Tormach owners are exemplifying everything that Tormach machinery is capable of creating.


Star Wars and CNC

The use of


Star Wars and the associated branding is rife throughout the media and advertising outlets as the latest chapter in the epic space saga is released.


Making Rocket Parts with a Slant-PRO Lathe

Luke Colby is a veteran of the space industry – he has both a BS and MS in Aerospace Engineering, he founded the BU Rocket Team at Boston University, worked in the combustion lab as a Master’s student at Georgia Tech, previously worked for Scaled Composites (an aerospace company owned by Northrop Grumman), and now he’s the president and CEO of Triton Space Technologies.


CNC for the “Now Economy"

As many brick-and-mortar stores are seeing sales drift online and websites like Kickstarter are helping to decide where the market is headed, personal manufacturing has moved from the wave of the future to a tool of production. The “Now Economy” has produced consumers that expect their goods to be high-quality and arrive quickly, which can sometimes be a challenge for traditional manufacturers.


How to Make Money with Your Tormach: The Checklist

Anybody going into business for themselves has to weigh a lot of variables as they make decisions. Everything from business location to capital needed for launch to branding and logo creation.

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