Boring Bar Holder for Turret (Unfinished Bore)

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4 lbs.
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The Boring Bar Holder; fits the Turret for the Tormach 15L Slant-PRO Lathe


Boring Bar Holder for Turret. This unfinished boring bar holder is unfinished and intended to be bored to the eventual ¾” bore size “in situation” on the lathe on which the turret is installed. To accomplish this, the boring bar holder must mounted on the turret and a ¾” endmill (not included, must be appropriate for machining mild steel) held in a 5C collet in the lathe. The user would then write a program to bore the holder out to ¾”. By using this technique the holder is assured to be exactly on the centerline of the spindle with respect to the “Y” direction of the lathe. This allows the user to obtain maximum accuracy of the height of the boring bar. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE USER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR FINISHING THIS PRODUCT BEFORE USE.

  • Machinable
  • Steel, Black Oxide Finish
  • Roughly pre-drilled with an approximately 1/2 in. Pilot Hole
  • For use with PN 33273
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