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Electronic Tool Setter

Shipping Weight:
6 lbs.
Stock: In stock

The Electronic Tool Setter saves setup time and improves machine accuracy by automatically measuring and setting tool lengths.


What's In the Box?

In addition to the tool setter, items include:

  • 3 mm hex installation wrench
  • Factory inspection and certification report
  • M4 socket head cap screws (two), 25 mm long
  • Protective storage case with fitted foam lining

Quickly and accurately measure tools and job setups with the Electronic Tool Setter (ETS). In addition to setting the work offset’s Z position, you can use it to make corrections for thermal variance and even check for broken tooling. Features include:

  • Polished carbide touch plate
  • Sealed contacts
  • LED indicator light when triggered
  • Armored cable
  • Plug-and-play integration with PathPilot controller
  • IP68 rated


  • 1100MX
  • 770MX
  • 1100M
  • 770M
  • PCNC 1100
  • PCNC 770


  • PathPilot controller

NOTE: You do not need to remove the ETS from the machine when using flood coolant.

Sensing Logic Normally open
Repeatability 0.000078 in. (0.002 mm)
Maximum Over-Travel In +Z + .1968 in. (5.0 mm)
Parallelism Between Working Plane and Bottom Surface 0.00039 in. (0.01 mm)
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