Tormach will be closed on Thursday, July 18, 2024, for an all-employee event. We will reopen on Friday at 8 AM.
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Thanks to our customers for buying our supply of CNC machines! And thanks for your amazing patience and support during the global supply chain disruptions that we are experiencing, along with all other industries. The demand for goods, combined with a restricted supply chain, has resulted in record backorders on many products.

To alleviate any financial burdens you may experience during your wait to get an out of stock machine, for a limited time, you can now secure a Tormach machine with a refundable $1,000 down payment.

Tormach Deposit Agreement:

  • $1,000 refundable deposit due to hold your machine. This grants you a priority spot in line for securing a Tormach CNC machine when it becomes available. Tormach will apply your Deposit Payment towards the amount due on your Sales Order.
  • IMPORTANT: You have 7 days from the time you are notified of new inventory arriving to pay the remaining balance on your order.
    If you miss this window, you will forfeit your priority position.
    • PREFERRED: The fastest method for final payment is ACH / Wire Transfer. (See below for details.)
    • If you are planning to finance, please arrange all financing for the balance in advance of this notification.
    • If paying by check, please make sure that you send it via a method that it will arrive within this 7 day window. (i.e., Overnight/Next-Day/2-Day).
      Note: When paying by check, shipment may be delayed by 7-10 days for funds to clear.
  • Note: If we do not hear from you and receive payment within that 7 day time frame, we will refund your deposit in full and advance the next waiting customer in line for that machine.

How Do I Make a Deposit to Secure My Machine?

  1. Request a quote for your machine.
  2. When you receive the email confirmation for your quote - you may do one of the following:
    1. Use the Direct Payment Link to place a $1,000 payment referencing your quote number.
    2. Pay the $1,000 deposit via ACH/Wire following the instructions below.
  3. Once our team receives the down payment, you will be in line to receive a machine when they are in stock and available to ship.