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Xyla Foxlin

Xyla Foxlin

Xyla Foxlin is an American engineer, entrepreneur and YouTuber.[4] She graduated from Case Western Reserve University in 2019 with a B.S.E. in General Engineering focusing in Mechatronics and Creative Technology. Foxlin provides YouTube tutorial videos, guiding viewers through technical projects.

Foxlin grew up in Boston and attended Lexington High School. As a sophomore, she found part-time work by using a hyperlocal job search website called HelpAroundTown. She was captain of the school's robotics team in her junior and senior years. She attended Case Western University and majored in mechanical and aerospace engineering where she was described in a magazine as a "robotics whiz kid". She was president of the college's robotics mining team.

Xyla is currently using a Tormach 24R CNC Router to make projects.