As we begin 2021, we have found ourselves in a situation where our lead-times have substantially increased due to COVID-19 pandemic-related issues.
Those issues combined with high demand and heavy shipping volume is resulting in a longer than normal delivery timeframes for many Tormach machines and accessories.
We are working diligently to resolve these issues and look forward to bringing our lead-times back to normal. Unfortunately, this is going to take some time.
As of now, we anticipate that these lead times will continue into the second quarter. We appreciate your patience during this time.

ATC Kit for PCNC 1100 Series 3

Shipping Weight:
88.5 lbs.
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The ATC Kit for PCNC 1100 Series 3 features a 12-pocket, umbrella-style Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) for use with the PCNC 1100 series 3 CNC mill


Eliminate the need for manually changing tools with our Automatic Tool Changer (ATC). Equipped with enhanced technologies specific to the 1100M, the ATC features:

  • 12-station tool tray for Tormach Tooling System (TTS) tool holders
  • Air blast to clear chips from tools
  • Automatic crash detection and warning prompts
  • Carousel position feedback
  • Integrated touch-off routine (requires Electronic Tool Setter )

Some assembly required.


  • PCNC 1100 Series 3
  • Tormach Tooling System (TTS) tool holders

If you need an ATC for an 1100M please see PN 38400


  • Dry and lubricated compressed air between 90 to 120 psi (we recommend FRL Filter-Regulator-Lubricator and California Air Tools 4610S Air Compressor )
  • Power Drawbar (not included)
  • PathPilot 2.0 or greater (not included)

What's In the Box?

  • Mounting hardware

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