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A circular or helical arc is specified using either G02 (clockwise arc) or G03 (counterclockwise arc). The axis of the circle or helix must be parallel to the X-, Y- or Z-axis of the mill coordinate system. The axis (or equivalently, the plane perpendicular to the axis) is selected with G17 (Z-axis, XY-plane), G18 (Y-axis, XZ-plane) or G19 (X-axis, YZ-plane). If the arc is circular, it lies in a plane parallel to the selected plane.

If a line of code makes an arc and includes rotational axis motion, the rotational axes turn at a constant rate so that the rotational motion starts and finishes when the XYZ motion starts and finishes. This is rare.

The motion differs if cutter radius compensation is active.

Two formats are allowed for specifying an arc: the center format and the radius format. In both formats, the G02 or G03 is optional if it’s the current motion mode.