Due to high demand and worldwide supply chain issues, we are experiencing longer than normal delivery time frames for many Tormach machines and accessories. We appreciate your patience during this time.
Note: The ONLY way to secure a machine that is currently on backorder is to place an order for one. You may place a deposit to hold your spot in line for machines arriving. Without an order, any dates presented on our website are subject to change with demand.


The available functions are:

  • ATAN[Y]/[X]: Four quadrant inverse tangent
  • ABS[arg]: Absolute value
  • ACOS[arg]: Inverse cosine
  • ASIN[arg]: Inverse sine
  • COS[arg]: Cosine
  • EXP[arg]: e raised to the given power (ex)
  • FIX[arg]: Round down to integer
  • FUP[arg]: Round up to integer
  • ROUND[arg]: Round to nearest integer
  • LN[arg]: Base-e logarithm
  • SIN[arg]: Sine
  • SQRT[arg]: Square root
  • TAN[arg]: Tangent
  • EXISTS[arg]: Check named parameter