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To define the origin of a work offset coordinate system, program: G10 L2 P~

  • P~ is the number of coordinate system to use (G54 = 1, G59.3 = 9)

The G10 L2 P~ command doesn’t change from the current coordinate system to the one specified by P. Use G54 through G59.3 to select a coordinate system. The coordinate system whose origin is set by a G10 command may be active or inactive at the time the G10 is executed. If it’s currently active, the new coordinates take effect immediately.

EXAMPLE – If a G92 origin offset was in effect before G10 L2, it continues to be in effect after.


It’s an error if:

  • The P number does not evaluate to an integer in the range 0 to 9
  • An axis other than X or Z is programmed